Current Staff

Purr Paws is a rescue cat. She had been adopted and then returned. However at the rescue, she couldn't handle the resident dogs and cats and hid for 3 weeks. After she recovered from hiding for 3 weeks with no food or water, I adopted her. She is still not good with other cats, especially Boo. She loves people, though, and knows that she is beautiful.

Purr Paws

Boo was born next door under the porch to a feral Mom. I adopted him as adolescent. His sisters, mom, and dad, have all been adopted by the neighbor with the porch. He is still a little skittish, hates thunderstorms, and is a big ole softy if you rub his belly. He also will quickly adopt any cat sitter who feeds him. He does like to intimidate Purr Paws.


Recent Lost Loves

Dodger was Siamese rescue from a collector. His foster mom got him liking brushes with Zoom Groom, but he was very skittish about laps, being held, and of people's feet for a long time. He was also young and frisky and needed some good young cat(s) to play with. I got him Ethel and he was soooooo happy. He did escape once, (not his fault), but we found him the next day two doors down. We had 9 more years of our fine Dodger. He was at least 17 when he died.

The Awful Dodger

Ethel was specifically bought from an Oriental Shorthair breeder to be Dodger's toy. She was very social with other cats and people as a kitten and loved to play with the feather stick. She continued her non-stop feather stick thing until she swallowed the feather and spent 3 days at the emergency vet clinic. She also liked sleeping with her siamese boyfriends and burrowing. She would follow me around the house yelling until I would pick her up or sit down and make a lap. I still miss my monkey girl yelling at me.


Fond Memories