Sharon Booth

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Career Objective:

System Integration Test Engineer for a complex system, or system of systems. Responsibilities will include test planning, configuration, operations, end-to-end testing, system requirements analysis and review. Best environment would be with a talented team of coworkers, interesting software that is growing and changing to meet user needs, and a comfortable and productive work environment.

Professional Strengths:

I have a passion for software testing. I enjoy anticipating and investigating potential problems with the software. I have system development background as well as testing background that includes different web, client/server, distributed, and batch data experience. These combined backgrounds help me understand how the parts of the system fit together. Running the software with real data is one way that I find problems. Real data with all its imperfections exposes software flaws. I can sometimes take seemingly disparate problems and recognize a common underlying defect. Reviewing reported bugs as well as listening to developers, testers, and users enables me to see the defect patterns. I use any recurring problems that I see to help developers avoid future mistakes.

Computer Proficiency: Windows / Unix

Windows workstations and laptops, Windows servers, UNIX workstations
Windows 7-NT, Server 2008, Bugzilla, Testopia, Perforce, RQM, MS Dev Studio, Source Safe, Perfmon, SOAP UI, Perforce, ClearCase/ClearQuest
Java, XML, C/C++, Perl, Dos Scripting, C Shell, HTML, Javascript, SQL
Technical Training:
System Engineering, Web Technologies, OO Design, Web Services, Scrum Certification
Dale Carnegie, Effective Communications and Human Relations
Smith College Leadership Training, From Specialist to Strategist
Currently hold a full secret security clearance


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics

Work Experience:

GD Viz

Test Lead (July 2004- Present)
Test Lead for the Command Post of the Future (CPOF) Project. CPOF is a highly collaborative visual application deployed by the US Army for briefing, situational awareness, and planning. CPOF has both UI and web service extensions that allow other applications to import and visualize data. Requirements and design work includes software engineering definition and evaulation of requirements and design, test planning, writing and review. Actual test activities include system installation, configuration and operations, manual and automated testing, testing web services using SOAP UI, performance evaluation, foreign system integration at internal or external labs. Additional support and user interations include training users at user exercises as well as support and trouble-shooting.

Commission Junction (Formerly BeFree, Inc.)

Quality Engineer (September 1999 - July 2004)
Lead Quality Engineer responsible for testing Web and GUI for high volume e-commerce affiliate marketing system. Responsibilities included requirements and design review, test planning, data center migration testing, and system testing. Testing included automation for web link testing, manual testing, and SQL queries to validate data aggregation and correctness. Additional responsibilites included definition and setup of test labs and equipment, and implementation of defect tracking system and process.

ServiceWare, Inc.

Quality Engineer (November 1998 - September 1999)
Lead Quality Engineer responsible for testing Web and desktop UIs for knowledge based systems. The UIs enabled users to author and view knowledgebase content for help desk and customer service applications using Oracle or SQL server as content repositories. Responsibilities included requirements review, writing test plans, running tests, coordinating other testers, test lab configuration, and building databases.

Claritech Corporation

Quality Assurance Analyst (November 1997 - November 1998)
Testing designer and implementation specialist for the Claritech natural language Toolkit. Testers were responsible for writing test applications and release testing of the C++ API with existing test class code and applications. As primary tester for the multi-threading release, I ensured the server was robust and authored the test scripts to run the threaded tests. An additional side project was implementation of a simple Bug Tracking Database for developers and testers.

The NetBill Project, Information Networking Institute, CMU

Testing Coordinator (October 1995 - October 1997)
Testing coordinator for NetBill, a secure, web-based, electronic commerce project. Responsible for functional testing of all Unix and Windows clients and Unix servers. Testing activities included design reviews, installation and configuration testing, end-to-end testing, and design and implementation of C++ test classes. In addition, the test team maintained a separate development realm for non-standard configuration testing and destructive testing. Evaluated and deployed a GUI test tool for the PC that works with both a web browser and a separate Windows client.

Fiserv, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer (April 1994 - October 1995)
Development/support assembler programmer providing support for a proprietary banking transaction processing monitor, Inquiry, (similar to CICS). The Inquiry monitor provides terminal, file, application program, and batch collection facilities. Maintenance and support tasks included writing system patches, dump reading, file management and tuning, and 24 X 7 support for the on-line monitor and the batch updates.

Pittsburgh Mercy Health Systems

System Support Specialist (August 1993 - April 1994)
Support programmer coordinating the conversion of three hospitals from a remote processor to an in-house processor for SMS INVISION Financial System. The conversion included customizing screen pathways, writing batch programs to create reports, and building the data interfaces between the mainframe applications and the other networked systems and PCs. Provided 24 X 7 support for INVISION on-line and batch processing.

Westinghouse, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer (September 1989 - January 1990)
Senior systems assembler programmer/analyst responsible for analysis, coding, testing, and documentation of the enhanced VSAM processing release of DUSP, a disk backup/restore utility. This release provided more flexibility in the backup/restore options, and improved performance by using VSAM CI processing for physical file backups. Provided support for the current backup/restore release.

SMS, Inc.

Advanced Programmer/Analyst (August 1983 - June 1989)
Subsystems assembler programmer/analyst responsible for development and support of application and user tools which included a screen builder, a stack manager, and an entire architected CICS interface to applications. Developed major enhancements to screen and print subsystems for the architecture tools. In addition, supplied extensive dump reading and debugging, training, and on-call support for clients and the development complex. Worked within the development team to formalize the development methodology for subsystem software.