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Hakama and Kataginu

Baroness Hildarun wearing long kosode with obi over under kosode. Baron Brandubh wearing hakama and kataginu over short kosode.

Mobakama - wrapping skirt

Hara Kimumatsu wearing mobokama over kosode.

If you are anxious to start on short or long kosode, I recommend Oribe Tsukime's Kosode Pattern link in her classes page. I particularly like the katabira because it is working garment vs dressy garment. I do alter the sleeves to be a little wider, so they come down to my wrist. I make the collar narrower, only 3.5" wide, but with seam allowance the fabric folded over, that would be 8" wide panel. For a short kosode, I use that same layout as a long kosode, but the body & neckband are 2/3 as long.

On Ishiyama's website there are instructions for both tabi footwear and eboshi hats.



You can also make leg wraps or kyahan. These will help keep floppy hamaka clean and dry. The ties should be about 35" long, the body should be 15" high by 20" wide (possibly less if you are short). Two sided kyahan are pretty nice and make it easier to match more things.

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